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​​​​​​Members of the Maine Groundwater Association  are highly trained professionals. To find an expert that meets your needs and serves your area please consider the following contractors:

A-Z Water Systems, Inc.

Owner:  Carl Levesque

24 Freedom Drive, Standish, ME  04084

Phone:  (207) 766-6210

Web Site:  a-zwatersystems.com

Email:  carl@a-zwatersystems.com  

Area Served:  Androscoggin, Cumerbland and York Counties

Services:  Well drilling, well pump repair, water testing, water filtration and hydro-fracturing

Ace Well Service, Inc.
Larry Oakes
857 Back River Road, Boothbay, ME 04537
Phone: (207) 633-2777
Fax: (207) 633-0823
Email:  loakes1@roadrunner.com
Area served: Midcoast (Lincoln County, Bath and Brunswick)
Services: Well drilling, pump installing and repair

Affordable Well Drilling, Inc.
Owner:  James R. Bisson
28 Bowdoinham Road, Sabattus, ME  04280
Phone:  (207) 375-7204
Fax:  (207) 375-7205
Web Site:  www.affordablewelldrillingmaine.net
Email:  affordablewelldrillinginc@gmail.com
Area Served:  Cumberland, Androscoggin, York, Lincoln, Franklin, Oxford, Kennebec, Sagadahoc, Waldo, and Somerset counties
Services:  Well drilling, pump systems, hydro-fracturing, service work, geothermal, down-hole video inspections

Atlantic Water Solutions, LLC

Owner:  Cindy Killer

P. O. Box 602, Alfred, ME  04002

Phone:  (800) 696-9355

Web Site:  www.atlanticwatersolutions.com 

Email:  cindy@atlanticwatersolutions.com

Area served:  We serve from Brunswick over to Augusta over toward Bethel and south into NH

Services:  Well Drilling, Well Pump Repair, Hydro-fracturing, Water Filtration and Water Testing

Beaver Hill Well and Pump, Inc.
Alan Goodrich
207 Elm Street, Springvale, ME 04083
Phone: (207) 324-1645
Web Site:www.beaverhillwellandpump.com 
Area served: Serving York County since 1986.
Services: Pump systems and pump repair.

Bob Temple Well Drilling, Inc.
 Bob Temple and Hollis Temple
2055 Augusta Road, Bowdoin, ME  04287
Phone:  (207) 666-3224
Fax:  (207) 666-3224
Cell:  (207) 522-1425
Email:  bobtemplewelldrilling@comcast.net 
Area Served:  Midcoast region, Southern and Central Maine
Services:  Well drilling, water pump installations, filtration systems and service.

Burns Inc.
  Richard Burns
280 Wilton Road, Farmington, ME  04938
Phone:  (207) 778-3813
Fax:  (207) 778-0809
Website:  www.burnswelldrilling.com 
Email: burnsinc@myfairpoint.net
Area Served:  Franklin, Somerset, Oxford and Kennebec Counties.
Services:  Well drilling, pump, filter installation and service.  Pump and tank sales.

C & R Well and Pump
Bret Bowley
301 Litchfield Road, Bowdoin, ME 04287
Phone: (207) 666-5687
Mobile: (207) 751-4719
Web Site:  www.crwellandpump.com

Area served: Midcoast and Southern Maine.
Services: Water wells, pumping systems, geCentrothermal, drilling and grouting, hydro-fracking, Residental and commercial.

Delwin Philbrick Well Drilling

Owner: Delwin Philbrick

Phone: (800) 547-3349

Area served: Kennebec, Somerset, and Central Maine

Services: Well drilling and well pump repair

Gallants Artesian Wells
Owners: Travis Morton, Peter Morton, and Marsha Morton
71 School Street, Damariscotta, ME 04543
Phone: (207) 563-8181
Fax: (207) 563-8147
Web Site: www.gallantswells.com
Area served: Midcoast region, Freeport to Searsport.
Services:  Well drilling, pumps and geothermal.


Gary Gould Well Drilling

Owners: Gary Gould

58 Kendall Rd., Winterport, ME 04496

Phone: (207) 223-5393

Area served: Central and Coastal Maine

Services: Well drilling, pump systems, residential, commercial and island work.

Gilbert Well Drilling Inc.
John S. Gilbert
8 Fletcher Street, Ellsworth, ME 04605
Phone:  (207) 667-8237
Fax: (207) 663-3563
Area served: Coastal.
Services: Well drilling.

Goodwin Well and Water, Inc.
Ike Goodwin, Dana Goodwin, Jesse Goodwin, Scott Abbotts
2282 Auburn Road, Turner, ME 04282
Phone: (800) 287-7861
Fax: (207) 224-7174
Web Site:  www.goodwinwellandwater.com
Email:  sabbotts@goodwinwellandwater.com
Area served: Central and Southern Maine.
Services: Well drilling, pump systems, water filtration and treatment, hydro-fracturing, service work, geothermal, down-hole video inspections.

H2O Well Drilling
Trevor Gould
417 Miles Road, Dixmont, ME 04932
Phone: (207) 234-2889
Area served: Central and Eastern Maine.
Services: Well drilling, pumps, geothermal.

H2O Pumps, Inc.

Owner: Perry Estabrook

55 Boyd Dr., West Bath, ME 04530

Phone: (207) 751-4910

Email: h2opumpsinc@gmail.com

Area Served: Sagadahoc, Androscoggin, Cumberland, Kennebec & Lincoln Counties

Services: Residential & commercial water system installation and service. Filtration, low flow water solutions, water storage systems, water delivery, small public water system replacement and service and island work.​​

Hansen’s Well Drilling, Inc.
Susan and Patrick Smith
68 Phinney Street, Gorham, ME 04038
Phone: (207) 839-3293 or (877) 839-3293
Fax: (207) 839-5863
Web Site:www.hansenswelldrilling.com
Email: hansenswell@gmail.com

Area served: Southern and Western Maine.
Services: Wells and pumps, hydro-fracturing, geothermal drilling. 

Haskell's Well Drilling, Inc.
  Warren Haskell and Russell Cookingham
46 Farwell Drive (Route 90), Rockland, ME  04841
Phone:  (207) 594-4947
Fax:  (207) 596-6239
Web Site:  www.haskellwater.com
Email:  h20guys@aol.com
Area served:  Knox, Waldo and Lincoln counties.
Services:  Well drilling, pump systems, water filtration, well repair and geothermal.

Hatch Well Drillers
 Marc Stevens & Joe Ball
13 East Pond Road, Nobleboro, ME  04555
Phone:  207-563-3003
Fax:  207-563-3211  
Web Site: www.hatchwelldrillers.net
Email:   hatchwelldrillers@gmail.com
Area served:  Waldo, Knox, Lincoln, Kennebec and Sagadhock Counties.
Services:  Well drilling, pump systems, water filtration and treatment, hydro-fracturing, service work, geothermal and down-hole video inspections.

Hillock and Son Well Drilling
  Roger Hillock
254 Holmes Road, P. O. Box 1359, Scarborough, ME  04070
Phone:  (207) 883-2454
Email:  driller@maine.rr.com
Area Served:  Cumberland and York Counties.
Services:  gravel and drilled wells.

Stanley E. Hillock Well Drilling, Inc.
 Joe Gallant and Edwin Gallant
52 Mitchell Hill Road, Gorham, ME 04038
Phone: (207) 839-3030
Fax: (207) 839-2846
Web site:www.hillockwell.com
Email: Hillock3030@myfairpoint.net
Area served: Southern Maine.
Services: Well drilling, water pumps, geothermal.

Hodgdon Well Drilling
Scott Hodgdon
53 Mechanic Falls Road, Poland, ME 04258
Phone: (207) 782-4533
Fax:  (207) 782-4120
Area served: Maine and New Hampshire
Services: Well drilling, geothermal, pump systems installed and repaired, water filtration.

Innis Well Drilling, LLC
Jim Innis
64 14th Street, Bangor, ME 04401
Phone: (207) 942-5646 or (207) 659-3620 (cell)
Fax: (207) 942-5646
Web Site:www.inniswelldrilling.com
Area served: Penobscot, Hancock, and Piscataquis counties.
Services: Well drilling, pump systems serviced and installed, filtration, geothermal, well inspection, cleaning and repair.

Judd Goodwin Well Co
 Judd Goodwin
PO BOx 17, Greenville, ME  04441
Phone: (207) 695-3645
Fax: (207) 695-3645
Email:   goodwinjudd@yahoo.com
Area Served: Eastern, Southern New Hampshire.  Southern Maine, Piscataquis, Somerset and Penobscot Counties Maine.
Services:  Residential and Commercial Well Drilling, Pump Repair and Installation.

Kennebec Well Drilling

Owner: Ted Rolfe

44 Rolfe Rd., Farmingdale, ME 04344

Phone: (207) 446-0222

Email: tedrolfe@kennebecwelldrilling.com

Lawrence Lord and Sons, Inc.
Terry Lord and Larry Lord
1260 Airline Road, Alexander, ME 04694
Phone: (207) 454-2612  (800) 287-LORD
Fax: (207) 454-7225
Web Site:www.lordwells.com 
Email: lordwelldrilling@yahoo.com
Area served: Our work area includes Washington, Hancock, Penobscot, and Southern Aroostook counties.
Services: Well drilling, geothermal drilling, pump installation, well grouting, well hydro-fracture on low-yielding wells.

Ted McLeod Inc.
Ted McLeod Jr.
PO Box 6150, Hermon, ME 04402
Phone: (207) 848-5520
Fax: (207) 848-5220
Web Site:www.tedmcleodwaterwells.com
Area served: Penobscot, Piscataquis, Waldo, Somerset, Aroostook, Washington, and Hancock counties
Services: Well drilling, pump install and repair, geothermal drilling and installation.

Pine State Drilling, Inc.
Barry Sandford, Rebecca Sandford, and Chad Grignon
PO Box 196, Athens, ME 04912
Phone: (207) 654-2771
Fax: (207) 654-2030
Web Site:www.pinestatedrilling.com
Area served: All of Maine.
Services: Well drilling, pumps, geothermal, filtration.

Randy Marquis Well, Pump & Filter
 Randy Marquis
1 Alpine Drive, Sanford, ME  04073
Phone:  207-459-0720
Web Site:  www.marquiswellandpump.com 
Email:  marquiswelldrilling@hotmail.com
Area served:  York, Cumberland and Oxford counties.
Services:  Pump install or repair, water filtration, well drilling, geothermal, camera and water testing. 

Rolfe’s Well Drilling
Raymond Rolfe
488 Northern Ave., Farmingdale, ME,  04344
Phone: (207) 622-4018
Fax: (207) 622-4018
Area served: Central Maine and surrounding areas
Services: Well drilling, pump installation, hydro-fracture and geothermal.

Shannon Drilling Inc
Christopher Getchell
PO Box 870, Machias, ME 04654
Phone: (207) 255-6149
Web Site:www.shannondrillinginc.webs.com 
Email: shannondrilling@gmail.com
Area served: Washington and Hancock counties
Services: Water well drilling, geothermal drilling. Pump installation and filtration systems.

Sunco Pump and Well Drilling, Inc.
Ross and Terri Deschaine
280 Sabattus Road, Sabattus, ME 04280
Phone: (207) 375-4661
Fax: (207) 375-4687
Web Site:www.suncodrilling.com 
Email: terri@suncodrilling.com
Area served: Androscoggin County and surrounding areas (including Oxford areas).
Services: Water wells, and installation and repair of water pumps for residential and commercial.

Temple Well Drilling Inc.
Scott Temple and Adelbert Temple IV
334 Post Road, Bowdoinham, ME 04008
Phone: (207) 666-3026
Fax: (207) 666-3026
Web Site: www.templewelldrillinginc.com
Email: templewelldrilling@gmail.com
Area served: Central, Midcoast, Southern and Western Maine.
Services: Well drilling, pump sales and service, filtration, geothermal drilling.

Watson Well Drilling, Inc.
  James and Oral Watson
1565 US Hwy 1, Littleton, ME  04730
Phone:  (207) 538-9512
Fax:  (207) 538-9512
Area served:  Southern Aroostook and Central Northern Penobscot
Services:  Well Drilling

Weeks and Sons Well Drilling
Mark and Michelle Weeks
29 County Road, Oakland, ME 04963
Phone: (207) 465-3753
Fax: (207) 465-3753
Web Site:  www.weekswells.com  
Area served: Central Maine
Services: Well drilling, hydro-fracking, well inspection, water pumps, filtration systems.

Williams and Taplin
Mark Taplin
PO Box 173 (1286 Pleasant Street), Blue Hill, ME 04614
Phone: (207) 374-5447
Area served: Hancock, Washington, and Penobscot counties
Services: Well drilling, pumps, video inspections with camera, geothermal wells.